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If you are a Tinsel online shopper, you might be familiar to the face that this blog is all about. Her name is Princess Noble, the face of Tinsel. She is Princess is not only by name but also with her looks. The surname suits her more pronounced as no-ble, she is noble in her deeds as a friend,…

Camo Comeback



For this year’s camo comeback, Tinsel offers a swaggy twist. The sleeveless cropped camo. Get the look. Shop here.

The army street-wear trends began affecting fashionable men and women since no one knows when. It’s better to say that this camouflage fashion affair exists for a long…

Army, maybe?

I never thought that camouflage would be this trendy especially to women. When I was still in Elementary I can only remember men wearing camo pants and shirt. That’s why the military camouflage trend made its way back to the street style in to a whole new level. Camo patterns can’t only be seen in jackets, pants or shirt but also in bags, scarves, shoes, caps, and even in iphone cases.This print is mostly worn by women nowadays as it gives a masculine and edgy look. It is still best worn with some eye catching feminine pieces like gold accessories, pumps, and brown satchel bag.
I didn’t feel like being manly in this outfit post, so I just wore a nude knitted top that I think suits very well with the pantone of my jeggings. I paired it with my very comfortable strappy sandals since I prepared my feet for a long day ahead. I also put a little bit of accessories just to add accent on my look, and viola! xx
|Top: Alfred Dunner; Jeggings: Uniqlo; Sandals: Solemate|

Nebraska Huskers

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! This is officially my first entry for 2-0-1-4! We’re facing another 365 days full of challenges and adventure. For sure some of us already have planned our New Year’s resolution (BUT DEFINITELY FAIL TO DO IT AT THE END, LOL). I think improving ourselves doesn’t have to be oppressive, it also doesn’t mean perfecting everything. As long as we know what our past mistakes and we don’t commit it again, we will surely have a very light and prosperous year ahead. Anyway, spontaneity is more fun but we should still know our limitations. xx
|DIY Muscle cropped top; Shorts: Forever 21; Sneakers: Keds|


I know this post looks so perfect for the Halloween but (my fault) it’s just another backlog post. Anyway, last semester my friend asked me to model for her final project in Photography class. The shoot was quite challenging on my part since it’s my first time to have a gothic/ avant garde themed photoshoot. Thanks to my friend, I was able to manage it because she gave me ideas on how to make my poses look naturally fierce. *wink wink* It took us four hours for five pegs, but it was really worth it. xx

Beautiful Dreamer

A vacation isn’t complete without indulging in the water, that’s why I really reserved one whole day of our vacation just to swim. Fortunately, my cousin’s house is just few minutes away from Coco Palms Beach Resort, a very beautiful and refreshing resort in Danao, Cebu. The maxi dress I opted to wear is my favorite because I feel so comfortable wearing it in the public. It’s stylish and not too revealing unlike the usual length of dresses, girls tend to feel uneasy because it might get flown by the wind or it’s too tight/short for them. Lately, I’ve been looking for this kind of dress specially that our school doesn’t allow us to wear dresses above the knee. xx

| Maxi dress: Uniqlo; Flipflops: Havaianas; Sunnies: Pacific blue|

Think PINK!

After 6 months we’re back in Cebu for another vacation! Some of our itineraries were cancelled because of the saddening massive earthquake happened weeks before we flew, so we’ve just decided to tour around the city. The first thing that attracted me when we went to Ayala Terraces was this big sign of “Think PINK!” but since I’m wearing blue on this outfit post, scratch that Pink! and Think BLUE! I always have to pack light whenever we travel because I don’t wanna torture myself in bringing heavy baggage, although sometimes I can’t help but bring too much clothes (LOL). But, this time I really made it sure to bring the lightest and most comfortable pieces I have in my wardrobe. This mid rib and high-waisted shorts helped me to move easy-breezy throughout the day since it’s cotton. xx

| Top & Shorts: Bazaar; Bag: Cose; Shoes: Keds; Accessories: Tomato|

Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2014

|Top & Skirt: Supersale Bazaar; Wedge: Vinicci|
It’s that time of the season again for Philippine Fashion week. Of course I wouldn’t let the month of October pass without attending this event. I was so happy that I was able to get invites for my high school and college friends too. *wink wink* As usual, the designers’ collection never failed to surprise the audience this season because all of the models looked so stunning with the very extraordinary outfit they wear while they strut it on the runway. xx


Ola! I’ve been MIA for months already (as usual!), though I’ve mentioned in my past posts that it’s really hard for me to update my blog during school days. *wink wink* But since it’s already my term break I’ll surely have a lot of time to update my blog again. So, the photos you are seeing here are some shots from my photoshoots before the semester ends. I’m so glad that despite my VERY busy schedule in school I was still able to give myself a break through this. The profile shots was taken by two of my friends who took Digital Imaging class for their elective. While, the last two photos was taken from my first photoshoot together with the C*CATT Models. xx

| Photo credits to: Jarlyn Son, Ferden dela Cruz & Robert Carag|
| Make-up by yours truly ;)|
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